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From the ground up



You heard the calling and now you're ready to make your business dream a reality.

Whether this is your first business or you're a serial entrepreneur, I'll help you clear any of the blocks standing in the way of you manifesting more clients and cash.

You're ready to create a thriving business, without compromising your joy or freedom- and I'm here to help.

xoxo Lisa

You're ready to finally book your schedule with dream clients!

Let's Get to Know Each Other

I totally get where you're at right now. I know the struggle, being in a highly taxing environment without the freedom or the payout that you so deeply want deep down. 

Not being honored for the hard work you put in, Feeling like nothing is ever enough and if you don't get out now, the hamster wheel might never stop. I understand you. 

Imagine this: Fast forward 1 year from now. 

But there is HOPE! Imagine this: Fast forward 1 year from now. 

Design your day, days, weeks, months, and years to come. On your schedule, your way, with meaning, and helping others in the most brilliant way - with their deep and purposeful transformations to up level their life. 

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Working with Lisa is a GAME CHANGER!

If you want to feel more freedom, flow and abundance - whether that’s time or money then she’s your coach!

Before meeting Lisa I had invested big time in group coaching programs but things didn't pan out the way I'd hoped for despite their high-ticket pricing. Often the marketing strategies didn't feel aligned and I'd end up feeling like a failure when I couldn't get clients. Working with Lisa gave me the 1:1 support I really needed to tackle the blocks that were holding me back from signing clients!

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Claire Donnelly

Holistic Healer & Wellness Coach

Working with Lisa is a pure MAGIC

She is a wonderful, intuitive healer and coach, and during our sessions, I had many Aha-moments. I felt stuck and overwhelmed in the last couple of weeks due to personal and professional issues, and that's why I reached out for help. Lisa channeled some beautiful messages that helped me to untangle the threads. I know that the healing will keep continuing in the next couple days/weeks.

I highly recommend working with Lisa, as you will be in her healing hands!


Blanka Molnar

Professional Organizer & Coach